Keyword Maps

Keywords that appear in at least 5 papers from both paper sets (science communication and misinformation):

Keywords from science communication including relevant papers found using the Automated Bibliography:

About the Keyword Maps

The keyword maps are similar to the co-authorship maps. Instead of authors as nodes, keywords of papers are the nodes. The keywords are pulled from the titles and abstracts of the papers in our datasets. The keyword maps were created using VOSviewer.

The map above only shows keywords that appear in at least 5 papers from both paper sets. The map below only includes papers from science communication. We used default values for the bottom image. This included keyword from titles and abstracts, binary counting, a minimum of 10 occurrences of a term, and 60% most relevant terms (based on a calculated relevance score). Both maps are static and not interactive like the co-authorship graphs.

The two maps contain many of the same clusters. The primary difference is the large climate change cluster in the second map.


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